Stop Drafty Windows and Drafty Doors To Save on Your Utility Bill

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Windows and doors are an opportunity to help make a home beautiful with great designs and features – some homes even have stained glass accents on their door or windows. But, windows and doors also play a vital role in keeping the interior of your home of your enjoyable.

Here is how they do this:

  • Lit by natural light

  • Protect the family living in the home from bad weather

  • Provide a level of security for those living inside

  • Adds design opportunities for home interior decorating

  • Is a focal point for the exterior appearance

When windows and doors are in good working order they prevent drafts from occurring. As they age and lack of maintenance can make both windows and doors a silent thief of your heated or cooled air. Windows can also wear out, especially when exposed to rainy or snowy weather which may cause casings made of wood to rot. Drafts are costly according to the United States Department of Energy the likely energy savings homeowners will gain is between 5% and 30% when drafts are fixed. Some window drafts are easy fixes, but there are serious problems that may call for window replacement.

How to Identify the Cause of Drafts & Repair Them

Stopping drafts give you two benefits immediately:

  1. Makes your home more comfortable

  2. Lowers your utility bill

Causes and Repairs of Drafts

On the outside of your home inspect your doors and windows. Look for gaps around windows and doors. Check for cracks in the caulking around windows and if they show up you need to have them repaired too.

Sometimes, there is a defect in your windows and doors that can cause drafts too. To stop a draft, try closing and locking a window. Do this carefully, sometimes a window looks shut when it actually isn’t. If your window won’t lock, open and close it as far as you can. This is done so you can assess if the window is on its track. If that doesn’t solve the problem call RWC and have a professional window and door specialist come out to make the repair.

Should You Have Your Windows and Doors Replaced?

Window and door replacement is not cheap, but the gains in home enjoyment and warding off damage to your home makes replacement worthwhile. Also, new windows will add to your home’s value.

The following are signs that your windows need to be replaced:

  • Drafts of warm air in summer and cold air in winter – Try the feather test. If you hold a feather next to the edge of the window and it moves, you have drafts that are driving up your heating and cooling budget.

  • Foggy windows – Single pane windows are especially prone to this. They do not stop the transference of warm and cool air. When the inside cool air meets outside warm air, or vice versa, condensation will build up. This is a sign of inefficiency that gets expensive over time.

  • Hard to open or close windows – Opening and closing your windows shouldn’t be difficult. A properly hung window will open and close with ease. Old wooden windows can warp over time with the swelling and contraction of the wood with the weather changes.

  • Hard to clean windows – If you avoid cleaning your windows because they are hard to clean, or because doing so would require a ladder on the outside of your home, you may want to consider replacement windows. Modern replacement windows are easy to clean and are treated to attract less dirt on the outside.

  • Replacement parts are hard to find (or non-existent) – If you are unable to get replacement parts for your windows, this is a definite sign that it’s time to upgrade to new replacement windows.

  • Chipping, water stains, deterioration, and wood rot – Once windows have reach this stage, it is very difficult to simply repair. The window needs to be taken out and replaced.

  • Mismatched windows – If your windows don’t match the aesthetic of the house or even each other, it’s time to contemplate replacing them. New windows will upgrade the look of your house and bring much-needed energy efficiency.

For more information on wheither you need to replace your windows and doors we are your go-to window and door contractor in New Jersey. Call today, our number is 973-227-7123 or contact us online.

You can read the full story at RWC NJ Stop Drafty Windows and Drafty Doors To Save on Your Utility Bill

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