“Relieving Home Improvement Stress Since 1959.”

RWC has been in the business of Relieving Homeowner Stress with our Professional Home Improvement Services since 1959.

As a Family-owned and Operated Business, we are proud of how we work together to achieve the same goal – Creating Relationships for Life with our “Raving Fan Customers.”

Since we recognize that Repeat Customers and Referrals are the “Lifeblood” of our business, RWC has created a culture that keeps our Customers first in every aspect of their project. From their initial inquiry through the completion of their project our staff works tirelessly to create an environment of “Education and Trust.”

At the end of your project we will request you fill out a short survey which will ask, “How did we do”? The last question of that survey is simple.

Based upon your overall experience with our company, are you confident using RWC for future projects and would you highly recommend RWC to your friends and Family? (Please choose one)

Our goal of course, is Definitely Yes!

So throughout your project, each member of our Team will ask you for your feedback. We will continually discuss the next phase of your project with you, so you know exactly what to expect. At any point in the process, if your questions are not answered to your satisfaction or we do not alleviate a concern you may have, we would like to hear from you. Since we are so committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, we have set up a personal telephone line where you can voice your concern with the President of our Company (973) 287-6358. We guarantee a telephone call back within 24 hours with a resolution to your concern.

Again, our goal is to create “Raving Fan Customers” and Relationships for Life. The only way we can accomplish that is if we exceed your expectations along the way and you answer that final question with

Tell Us how we did