How to Prepare Your Windows and Doors for Winter [INFOGRAPHIC]

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how to prepare windows and doors for winter

The cold winter months are here; meaning it’s time for you to prepare your windows and doors for the season if you haven’t already done so. The winter season can be a nightmare for you and your family if it finds you unprepared. You will not only have to put up with leaks and drafts, but also with poor insulation resulting in very high energy bills. In most cases, these high bills are due to ineffective windows and doors that act as poor insulators by letting the cold air in and the hot air out.

So, as the winter season sets in, it’s wise to inspect and prepare your windows and doors for winter.  Check out our guide on how to get your windows and doors ready for winter:Window and Door Prep for winter

Examine Windows for Dirt and Cracks

  • Clean off any debris and dirt in the sills or moving parts of windows and doors. Inspect your doors and windows and clean off any dirt or debris present in their moving parts and sills. Dirt and debris accumulate in these areas and prevent the doors and windows from creating a tight seal. This lowers their insulation performance.

Weather Stripping

  • Check the state of weather stripping around doors and windows. Weather stripping may become worn out or ineffective over time, resulting in air leakage and hence insulation inefficiency. Check for any worn-out or loose weather stripping in your home’s openings and reattach or replace them.

Are they Sealed?

  • Reapply sealant or caulk around windows and doors. Winterize doors and windows in your home by resealing areas  that may have been exposured to sun rays or heavy weather. Such exposure could result in the breakage of the sealant or caulk, hence increasing the potential of leaks and drafts.

Assess Any Damage

  • Examine for repairs. Winterizing doors and windows in your home will require you to handle any cracks or damages on them that you may have been postponing. Repairing cracked window panes or wood frames around the windows can help you avoid the risk of moisture leakage during winter. Leakage can cause significant damage to the areas around your windows and doors if ignored for a long time.

Keep Cold Weather Out

  • Install a storm door. Consider installing a storm door to the exterior of your front door to add an extra layer of insulation and protection during winter. Some storm doors are built with special coatings or glass that can help reduce energy loss through the front door by more than 50%.

Add Insulation

  • Hang heavy curtains or drapes. Drapes or heavy curtains will improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and optimize insulation around windows and doors. Drapes can actually reduce heat loss during winter months by up to 10% when closed by acting as an extra barrier that prevents cold air from the outside from getting into the house.

Out with the Old, in with the New

  • Replace your old doors and windows with energy-efficient ones. If your home has single paned glass, they may not offer adequate insulation in cold months. Double or triple-paned glass windows or a fiberglass door, can improve your home’s insulation and save on energy bills.


With these tips, you can easily winterize your doors and windows in readiness for the winter season. Some of the tips are easy to do by yourself, but some require professional help. At RWC New Jersey, we are here to answer any questions you may have concerning winterizing your doors and windows, or help you with any weather proofing assistance you may need for your home. We specialize in windows and doors, and we are your best bet in repairing or replacing your home’s windows and doors for energy efficient ones. Contact us today for consultation or a request a quote for your project for free!

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