Household Windows: Frequently Asked Questions

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Household windows contribute a great role in the functionality and beautification of a home. For one, they are essential in allowing ample light into the house during the day.  This not only gives the home an outdoor feel, but also saves homeowners on energy bills. Household windows can improve the aesthetic appeal of a home by using in unique styles, colors and materials. However, there are many things about household windows that are not well understood. If you are looking for some answers on how to choose new home windows, or why windows fog and crack, keep reading.

How do I choose new household windows?

Choosing home windows can be a daunting task if you have never done it before or if you are not conversant with the construction industry. There are many types of windows available today, and each has its own set of benefits and demerits. The best way to choose home windows is to consult a professional home improvement expert to guide you through the selection process.

A professional will meet with you and discuss the most cost-effective, energy-saving, and stylish type of windows that meets your tastes and preferences. They will take precise measurements of your windows, show you various materials and designs of windows that match your tastes and preferences, give you an overview of the all the financing options available, and give you a quotation of the installation costs.

new home windowsWill replacing my windows help my home to be more energy efficient?

Yes! Replacing your windows will definitely make your home more energy efficient. Windows and doors are crucial in insulating your home especially during extremely cold and hot months. In summer, they help keep the hot air out and the cool air in. In winter, they keep the cold air out and the hot air in.

Replacing your single pane windows with double or triple pane windows that are energy efficient will see you save between 10-25% per year on your heating and cooling bills, according to Replacing your windows to energy efficient ones can give you a return on investment of over 80% during home resale.

Why do my windows fog?

Windows fog because of moisture condensation. When the seals between the glass panes break or wear out and allow moisture to leak in, it condenses on the window and causes fogging between the panes. This is common in older windows and doors. The fogging is prevalent on the sunny side of the home.  Additional heat from the sun rays tends to accelerate the wear of seals and caulk on windows. If your windows are giving you an obscured view, consider replacing them with a quality glass system that can give you a clear view for years.

Also ensure that the installation work is done right by professionals to avoid any moisture leaks leading to fogging.choosing new home windows

Why did my windows crack?

Remember that windows are made of glass which can be affected by expansion and shrinking because of heat and cold? Often referred to as “stress cracks”, cracks on windows mainly occur in large windows that are in shaded areas or in a recessed wall. The shadows created by these areas cause a fast changing stress factor between part of the glass that is in the shaded, cooler area and the part that is in the un-shaded, warmer/sunny area. When the stress becomes too much from the heating and cooling, the glass can crack.

Why is my wooden window stuck?

Your window could be stuck due to swelling caused by the wet weather in your area. If you recently painted your window frames, excess paint could cause it to stick to the frame. If it’s wet weather, use a dehumidifier to bring down the swelling and work the window free. To open the paint window, slide in a utility knife carefully to break the paint seal.


  • Consult a professional when choosing new home windows.
  • Replacing your windows can make your home more energy efficient.
  • Quality window systems can help you avoid fogging.
  • You can easily get your wooden window unstuck.

There are a few household windows FAQs and their answers. If you have any questions about your windows, windows selection, windows replacement, windows installation, or windows repair in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to contact us at RWC.


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