Why You Might Want to Reconsider that Kitchen and Bathroom DIY Project

By March 2, 2015Renovations
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Most home renovation projects start out pretty much the same way. First the happy homeowners have grand ideas of what the new space will look like and then they start to work on creating the bathroom or kitchen of their dreams. Too often, not enough forethought is put into the project and that can cause some problems down the line. Another reason homeowners run into problems with their home remodeling project is that they incorrectly assumed they would be able to complete the job themselves without consulting a professional contractor, planner, or construction specialist. Trying to tackle a huge home renovation project without the assistance of a skilled professional can often lead to disastrous results like the ones below.

Decorating Disasters

Decorating disasters are all too common with home remodels. Sometimes the disaster is a result of two people having differing opinions on how to decorate the new space with the result being a ghastly compromise. Other times it is a question of an inability to cleanly combine the old décor with the new result being a hodgepodge of designs that are mismatched. Rather than taking a shot in the dark and hating the final results, a better option is to consult a professional designer to help with the process so the new design can seamlessly transition into the existing décor of the home.

Fizzing out on phases

Most homeowners who decide to undertake a remodeling job don’t have unlimited funds. So, in order to fit an entire remodel into a budget, it gets done in phases. The big problem with this course of action is that too often there is a huge span of time between the beginning of the first phase and the end of the last phase. The end result could be the décor and fixtures in each phase are decades apart in style. No one wants to have a kitchen that was remodeled in the ‘70s, and a current dining room. If an entire remodel job can’t be done at the same time, be sure to choose timeless design features that will work with any décor and any new trends that come around.

Lack of storage space

The kitchen and bathroom are both areas in the home where an abundance of storage space is a must. Nothing will make a homeowner unhappier with their new space than not having enough room for everything when the project is complete.  Kitchen remodel plans should include ample storage space for cooking utensils such as pots and pans as well items such as cookie sheets and baking pans. Also, it is essential to make sure there is plenty of room to store perishable food items such as canned and boxed foods. Storage space for the bathroom should include room for everyday toiletry items such as toothpaste, soap, and hair products. If the home does not have a dedicated closet for towels, there needs to be space for those in the bathroom as well. A professional design consultant can help homeowners determine how much space they will need to allow for enough storage.

Unfinished work

One of the biggest problems homeowners run into with a DIY remodel of the kitchen or bathroom is that they run out of money before the job is done. Everyday homeowners generally aren’t realistic about how much a project is going to cost and they tend to not factor in allowances for mistakes that need to be fixed. The result ends up being a renovation that cannot be finished. A professional contractor will be able to make a more accurate assessment of the work that needs to be done as well as budget more accurately. Another trick professionals tend to practice is padding the budget a bit to allow for unexpected expenses or fixes that need to be made. Homeowners generally don’t take this precaution, which can cause them to go over-budget. Unfinished renovations of bathrooms and kitchens are inconvenient and frustrating. Having to live in an unfinished house can take its toll on the people who have to live through it. Further, having unfinished walls or other structures can waste energy, which adds to the cost of the renovation and the overall household expenses. Therefore, it is in the best interests of the homeowners to forgo doing a bathroom or kitchen rehab on their own and leave the work to the professionals instead.

Taking on huge bathroom and kitchen remodels can be time-consuming and complicated. Unless a homeowner is a skilled professional or an extremely proficient DIY-er, large renovation projects to bathrooms and kitchens are better left to the professionals. Even though the initial output of money may be more than a homeowner might want to spend, there will be less money wasted on mistakes that could have been avoided and therefore more money saved in the long run.

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