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By April 11, 2016Renovations
Time To Renovate

As you look around your home, you start to see opportunities to get the ball rolling on a renovation project. There are improvements you could make that would create more functional living space or add an extra room onto your home’s layout. Before you pick up a sledgehammer, take a step back and ask yourself why you should renovate in the first place.

Why Renovate?

Home renovations take you on a costly, time-consuming journey that winds its way around to a new home presentation. You lose a wall here and gain counter space there. Your house is dusty and dirty for what feels like forever. You will ask yourself more than once if the renovation is indeed a good idea. Before you start working on a renovation project, ask yourself a few more questions.

  • Do you have the funds to cover a home renovation?
  • Are you going to do the work yourself or hire a contractor?
  • Do you have a temporary residence to stay in during the renovation process?
  • Is the renovation a need for home functioning or is it something you want?

Upon answering these questions, take into consideration whether or not you will be placing your home on the market for sale within the next few months.  Basic home renovations add value to your home. Focus improvement efforts on older features in your home. Areas such as an outdated kitchen and small bathroom will bring the largest increase in the overall value of your home after the renovations are complete. Small-scale improvements, such as installing a modern front door, can have a positive impact on the value of your home as well.

Renovations can also work to provide you with a lower premium on your homeowners insurance policy. The improvements you make to your home will become additional items your insurance company will need to insure. You may have the opportunity to increase your policy deductible, which could result in a payment reduction.

When to Renovate

Some months of the year are more desirable for home renovations than other times of the year. The spring and summer months provide you with the opportunity to venture outside while the work continues inside. Likewise, the rainy fall months or the frigid winter months may prevent work crews from reaching your home. Portions of your home may face exposure to the outside elements which can hinder the renovation progress as well.

Another ideal renovation time is during the summer when the hours of available daylight are longer. Having more extended daylight hours means contractors and renovation work crews can extend their work day. They can work into the early evening hours with plenty of light exposure. It helps to reduce the overall timetable for completion of your project.

You also want to avoid scheduling a project during a contractor’s offseason or periods of inactivity from the renovation business. Many contractors have specific time periods that they work while others work year-round without having a particular slow season. Knowing when you have the largest contractor pool available to select from impacts the time frame and expense level of your renovation project.

Determine a Budget

Home renovations are costly, and there are always additional expenses that are necessary during the renovation process. Before starting on a renovation, make sure you have enough funds available to cover the necessary renovation and any smaller, unexpected expenses that occur along the way. Detail your plans for a dream renovation project and then estimate how much every item on your wishlist will cost. Add in incidental costs such as hiring a contractor or needing additional materials.

Look over the detailed financial renovation plan to see what dollar amount you are facing. You may need to scale back your renovation plans to make the project more affordable for your budget limits. Larger projects can be spread across a few months or more to reduce the overall cost of the renovation.

Select a Contractor

All improvement projects start with the declaration that you will do all of the work yourself. Then reality sets in and you start thinking it’s time to hire a contractor. Start by receiving estimates from a minimum of three local contractors. Inquire about references from recent jobs they have done. Research each contractor online to see what other customers have to say about their services. When you make a hiring decision, obtain copies of their contractor license and work permits for your files.

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