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By December 27, 2016Renovations
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Thanks to media depictions of carpentry and construction, many people visualize the associated professionals doing all of their work right at their home. In reality, this is not the best way to go about things. Instead, it’s better to do the forming and finishing in a wood shop, factory, or similar facility. RWC’s custom pre finishing workshop allows all jobs to be done properly and quickly without any inconveniences to homeowners.

Why It’s Better to Form Things in a Real Shop

Proper wood shops have many tools that homes do not. The most obvious of these is heavy carpentry machinery. Floor-mounted saws, grinders, sanders, and other such machines are very stable. This allows for precise settings to be entered and maintained. The size of the equipment also means that there is no need to use makeshift supports for the pieces being worked on. Professional-grade safety equipment also prevents injuries. All of these things combine to allow the creation of close to perfect end results.

What Makes it Better to Finish the Pieces in the Shop

The short answer is that the end result is far superior. This is because the environmental conditions and application methods can be carefully controlled inside of a purpose-built facility such as RWC’s pre-finishing shop.
In the field, the prevailing conditions vary at each location, and this causes instability in terms of application rates, drying times, and the amount of wood dust present from other work. During the winter or even during a rainy spell, it can be impossible to apply finishes in the field at all. The weather has to be at the right temperature and humidity level in order to have a finish cure properly. Shops like RWCs have the heating and humidity control needed to allow for perfect results all year long.
A finishing shop is also better for the environment when compared to doing the work on site. The shops have ventilation systems that include specialized filters. These filters help keep the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from stains and paints from polluting the air as they dry. Shops also have concrete floors that prevent any spilled material from seeping into the ground before clean-up.
Finally, doing finishing work outside of a house or residential property is better for the property itself. There’s no need to worry about spills or overspray damaging nearby elements like floors, counters, or landscaping. While overspray sometimes happens in shops, it isn’t a problem to them since they’re made with industrial conditions in mind.

Other Benefits of Using a Shop for Forming and Finishing

The other benefits of pre-forming and pre-finishing are easier for customers to see at a glance. There will be no mess in your house caused by the cutting and sanding of forming your cabinet doors, trim, molding, and other wooden elements. There’ll also be no smell from the primer, paint, stain, or other finishing materials. These factors eliminate the problems that accompany doing this work inside your house.
Speed is another big benefit. When the work is done in the proper environment, with the proper tools and supports, the process goes far quicker.
Durability is a benefit that becomes apparent later but is very important. When everything is made exactly right, the chance of problems like cracking surfaces, peeling paint, and fading stain becomes minimal.

Even if pre-finishing is done inside of a shop, it’s still best to get it done before the coldest part of winter hits. Projects involving exterior elements of a house, such as windows and doors, are often done only during good weather. Since it’s best to get these things installed as soon as they’re done, avoiding the winter is a good idea.
If you need work done on your house, make sure to give RWC a call. We offer windows and doors that have been properly pre-finished, as well performing the final installation. Call us (973-227-7123) or visit us online today.

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