3 Steps to Remodeling a Kitchen You Should Know [Infographic]

By June 30, 2018Kitchens, Infographic
Steps to Remodeling a Kitchen

You look at your kitchen and just know there are improvements to be made, so your mind is pretty made up; you want to remodel your kitchen. Seeing as this is a sure-fire way to up the value of a property, oftentimes fetching a 100-percent return on the investment cost in-home appraisal value, a kitchen remodel is nothing but a win.

While it is assuredly a valuable upgrade, facing the task of getting the kitchen remodel planned and completed can be tough. From concerns about your budget accommodating the design ideas you want, to picking out the right features, there are a lot of things to consider when remodeling a kitchen. Thankfully, RWC has a simple and straightforward order of kitchen remodel steps to make the process as seamless as possible.

Steps to Remodeling a KitchenSTEP 1: Initial Design Consultation

The initial design consultation with RWC will include a skilled kitchen designer and project manager, who will set up a time when they can meet you at your home.  The goal of the consultation is to find out what it is that you want and determine if there are any structural issues that could get in the way of the particular design ideas you desire. For example, if you are looking for a kitchen cabinet remodel as part of the project, your existing cabinetry will be checked to determine the best methods for removal.

The professionals often get pictures, check plumbing and electrical systems, and take measurements around the kitchen and any impacted parts of the house. During this initial consultation, you will also be asked about your planned budget for the renovation.

STEP 2: Design Presentation & Draft Kitchen Project Renovation Management Plan

After your in-home consultation, you will be scheduled for a second meeting at RWC’s design center to make your product selections. RWC Windows, Doors & More has a large facility with multiple selections out on display, and carry everything you could need for your kitchen remodel, right down to hardware and fixtures. You will get to go through the displays of products and select:

  • What kind of cabinetry you prefer
  • Which countertop material you want
  • What type of flooring you want to be installed
  • Which backsplash you like the best
  • What kind of lighting you want

As your kitchen remodeling ideas begin to come to life, the assigned designer and project manager will be there to offer advice about the product selections and how well they will work out with your proposed budget.

STEP 3: Project Proposal and Contract

After you have made your product selections, the kitchen designer teams up with the project manager to provide you with a detailed cost explanation for your kitchen remodeling project. As long as you are comfortable with the cost, a detailed scope of work, which explains the kitchen renovation steps and what’s involved, a contract will be created for you to go over.  As soon as you are comfortable with all of the paperwork and have signed the necessary documents, your materials will be ordered and you will be given a schedule for construction to begin.

Takeaways to Remember

  • The initial design consultation involves examining the budget, assessing your home, and coming up with a kitchen remodel order of events.
  • The design presentation & draft proposal stage is when you get to pick out all the small details and features you want.
  • The project proposal and contract phase will only occur when you’ve made all of your selections and is also when your overall cost will be provided and a contract will be made.
  • There should be a clear step by step kitchen remodel schedule provided to you by your kitchen remodeling contractor.
  • With RWC, you will always have an expert there to help you understand the kitchen renovation steps.

When planned and executed correctly, remodeling a kitchen can totally up the value of your home’s form and function. If you need expert advice about kitchen remodeling steps, reach out to the contractors at RWC Windows, Doors & More for professional assistance with your next kitchen remodel!

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