Contractor Tips for Planning a Kitchen Remodel

By July 20, 2020Kitchens
what to consider when remodeling a kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is a significant project that requires extensive planning. Our kitchen remodelers are here to guide you through this process, plan the best possible kitchen remodel, and ultimately get the most bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at a few kitchen remodel decisions to facilitate a successful remodeling project. Here is precisely what to consider when remodeling a kitchen.Kitchen remodel decisions

It all Starts With an Initial Design Consultation

Meet with our kitchen remodelers, and we will help you determine the optimal design for your kitchen. Our project manager and our designer will work with you to help bring your vision to life. Lean on our team when making kitchen remodel decisions. With our expertise and experience, you will maximize the beauty and utility of this important space.

The Presentation of the Design

The next step is to meet with our team at our showroom to start the product selection. We will help you select the flooring type, countertop material, cabinet style, backsplash material, and more. Even something as seemingly subtle as lighting makes a meaningful difference in your kitchen remodels. From cabinet styles, finishes, hardware/fixtures, tile and beyond, we have mastered the design elements. We will present you with a kitchen remodel project plan template that makes this project significantly less intimidating.

The Project Proposal

Once the design presentation is made, it is time for the project proposal. This is the point in time when our kitchen remodeling team reviews the aggregate cost of your kitchen renovation project, the scope of the work to be completed, and additional details. We will present the contract for your review along with an estimate, coordinate construction, and get the wheels in motion for your kitchen makeover.

Consider Your Goals Before Moving Forward

Above all, your unique goals for your kitchen remodel project matter more than anything else. Take some time to envision how you would like this important room of your home to look, feel, and function. Consider how your family uses this space, be it primarily for food prep, socializing, homework, etc. Perhaps you can benefit from a kitchen island, breakfast bar, or another unique component. Our team is here to help bring your unique vision to life with the perfect kitchen remodel.

Focus on Quality

Your kitchen should feature highly functional appliances and other components that prove durable. So it’s essential to use quality materials for your kitchen remodel. Do not fall into the trap of choosing low-quality items as they will not stand the test of time, ultimately costing you more money in the long run. Furthermore, the warranty period also matters. A lengthy warranty has the potential to save you plenty of cash across posterity, ensuring your budget remains intact. Our team will help you choose the right materials that will last.

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Storage is Better Than Space

There will be some difficult decisions to make concerning storage versus space. When in doubt, opt for an abundance of storage. It is better to keep your kitchen sundries in storage rather than scattered about a sizable area. As an example, it makes sense to add cabinets that extend up toward the ceiling. Mounting shelving units to the walls will also maximize the utility of your limited kitchen space.

Don’t Forget About the Flooring

Kitchen flooring is very important. If you are worried about floor durability, opt for a stone floor. Those who cook with regularity will find wood more comfortable. When in doubt, lean on our kitchen remodeling team for guidance, and we will help you choose the best possible floor for your kitchen.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t attempt a kitchen remodel yourself, trust professional remodelers with experience
  • No two kitchen remodels are the same
  • Expert remodelers will bring your kitchen remodeling vision to life
  • The small stuff such as lighting and backsplashes matters a great deal

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