Kitchen Layout Options: The Best Kitchen Layouts for Every Size Space [Infographic]

By November 28, 2017Kitchens, Infographic
best kitchen layouts

If you’re a gourmet chef or a culinary novice, a poor kitchen layout can greatly affect your productivity.  The size of your space is less important than your layout and frankly, some kitchen layout options are better than others. The key to a great kitchen is creating a functional space; no matter the size. So which kitchen layout is the most functional and what is the best kitchen size? It all depends on what you have to work with. Take a look at some of the best kitchen layouts:

best kitchen layoutsThe Kitchen Work Triangle

  • Good for Medium- and Large-Sized Kitchens

  • The work triangle lets you easily get to the three major kitchen destinations: the stove/range, refrigerator, and sink
  • It can be set up in most kitchen designs that have at least two built-in countertops
  • When you have three surfaces, put one work surface on each wall
  • In a galley kitchen, put two work points on one wall and the other on the opposite wall

The U-Shape

  • The actual kitchen space for this and most other “shaped” kitchens is square
  • Countertops make up the “U” shape
  • When drawing up plans, mark the areas for cooking, cleaning, and meal preparation
  • Put one aspect of the kitchen in each countertop
  • Keep the central space clear for easy movement between areas

The L-Shape

  • This kitchen has only two countertops
  • Dark spaces tend to form at the bend of the “L.” Use lights to avoid these shadows
  • Put the fridge and sink along one wall
  • Keep the imaginary triangle in mind when arranging the fridge, sink, and stove
  • Avoid countertop decor – it’ll make the room seem cramped

The G-Shape

  • The “G-Shape” is also known as the “Peninsula” kitchen design
  • Similar to a U-shape only with an extra tab of counter that partly comes across the front
  • Can use the extra countertop as a table top
  • You have room to keep the cooking, cleaning, and meal preparation areas separate
  • This design supports the work triangle concept
  • Add plenty of cabinets for beautiful storage space
  • This shape provides plenty of countertop area

The Island Kitchen

  • Works well in limited, but not tiny, space
  • Put a countertop along just one wall
  • Use a kitchen island to add extra workspace and under-counter storage area
  • Plan the kitchen around the intended use of the island
  • All of the major appliances, as well as the sink, typically go along the same wall as the countertop
  • Sinks can be moved to the island, but they often take up most of the island’s countertop space
  • This design has no work triangle. Instead, most work is done at the main counter

The Galley Kitchen

  • It is long and thin with a counter on each side
  • Keep your refrigerator and stove on one side
  • Put the sink opposite
  • Be sure to leave enough space to full open appliance doors, including the oven door
  • Install plenty of lighting

The One-Wall Kitchen

  • The ultimate space saver
  • One of the best small kitchen layouts
  • All appliances go along a single wall along with the counter – no triangles here
  • Put the sink in between the other major machines
  • If there’s space for an island or breakfast table, put one in

If you like any of these kitchen layout ideas or want custom kitchen design ideas, give us a call: 973-337-7123.  We can discuss and plan your dream kitchen to meet all your wants and needs. Or, visit our showroom in West Caldwell, NJ and speak with one of our experts and schedule your kitchen remodel today.


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