3 Reasons You Need Modern Kitchen Windows

By March 27, 2017Kitchens, Windows
Modern Kitchen Windows

Putting in new kitchen windows is a great way to freshen up the room and make it more fun to cook. However, there are far more reasons to have modern kitchen windows installed than appearances alone. Here are some other reasons to get window replacement for your kitchen:

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1. Temperature Control

In the winter, everyone thinks of keeping more heat inside. This is easier with new kitchen window designs since modern versions are well-insulated and contain several energy-efficient features. They are typically made with double glazing, which puts an insulating layer between the panes of glass. Some even have triple glazing. The wide frames are also insulated. Invisible coatings provide even more efficiency as well as protection from UV rays.

If you cook frequently, you know that temperature control in this area of the house isn’t all about trying to retain heat. Instead, it is just as important to be able to get rid of it on demand. Cracking the window while cooking a roast or other slow-baking item makes things much more pleasurable. All new types of kitchen windows will be easy to open, while older ones tend to be sticky or have inconvenient designs.

2. Ease of Use

Some old-fashioned kitchen windows aren’t very easy to use. One of the problems in most kitchens is that an old kitchen window is placed right over the sink. This forces you to have to reach a long distance to even access them. Such a reach makes vintage designs such as the swing-out style unfeasible for actual use.

When replacing the windows in this room, it is important to remember that reach factor. Then, you’ll be able to choose a design that puts the window’s latch work in a convenient place – not only when the window is closed, but after it has been opened.

3. To Brighten the Kitchen

A dull and dingy kitchen sucks the joy out of what would otherwise be fun, enjoyable, and rewarding activities. After all, who wants to cook and bake in a depressing interior environment? Put in new, larger windows to let the light in and invigorate your food creation time.

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It is often the case that a kitchen simply doesn’t have enough windows. One or two tiny openings just doesn’t cut it. If your kitchen has this problem, let us enlarge your window openings and add more windows if needed. You’ll love it when the entire space is bright and airy because of new, custom kitchen windows.

Consider Adding These Improvements, Too

Windows are great for lighting while the sun is up, but once it goes down, you’ll need to rely on artificial light. Have us install new lighting for a great-looking solution to problems in this area. Choose creative styles that include easy-to-clean covers to protect the bulbs from any grease or other such things that might otherwise get on them.

The walls and flooring of old kitchens can get dull through the years as well. If you’re going for a new look, try adding these areas to the residential project. It’ll make a tremendous difference since both the walls and floor have plenty of surface area to see. With decor in mind, go for light colors to greatly enhance the effects of the sunlight that will pour into the room after you get your new windows.

We have been in operation here at RWC in New Jersey since 1959, and have the experience needed to do all of the renovations needed to make your kitchen into the fun and uplifting space it should be. Call us to get your old windows replaced, add entirely new ones, and to complete any other desired kitchen remodel upgrades. If you need help deciding on exactly what changes to have made, we’re also able to provide design services to ensure that everything looks great. Contact us today to get started.

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