Project Spotlight: Bathroom Renovation in Montvale, NJ

By September 12, 2016Home Remodeling Projects
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At RWC, we pride ourselves on jobs well done. We meticulously guide you, the homeowner, through every step of a home renovation, whether you want a little touch-up in one room or a complete remodel of the entire interior. No project is too big or too small for our experts here at RWC.

This beautiful home received a simple, contemporary facelift thanks to a new front door from RWC. We took out the old door, replaced it with a gorgeous, mahogany-colored fiberglass model and installed a new doorbell. This made the home more efficient and elegant at the same time.

We can do the same for your home. Here’s an in-depth look at a complete bathroom remodel we recently completed in Montvale, New Jersey. Our staff discussed options with the homeowner, drew up detailed plans and then added a room full of class to this little corner of the house.

Visually Appealing Tiles

The original bathroom contained all-white tiles with dark grout in between. The tiles were on the floor, along the walls and in the shower. They created a monotone throughout the space, and the huge mirror above the sink provided a ton of bright light for everyone to see. Although these white tiles brightened the room, they really didn’t match the look of the rest of this house in Montvale, New Jersey.

We went in and removed the old tiles from the floor and the walls. We also removed the huge mirror on the wall, so more visually appealing tiles could show off the beauty of the design. Darker tiles went on the floor to give the appearance of stained wood, while we installed a brick-like pattern in the shower itself. Meanwhile, the walls have a lighter tan color with a stripe of narrow tiles at eye level.

The entire look remains complementary with earth tones while varying the tiles to create an eye-catching design. The lighter brown tiles on the wall keep some of the brightness of the original room while matching the floor. Entirely new tiles were just one aspect of this complete bathroom remodel in Montvale, New Jersey.

New Vanity

After we laid down the new tile on the floors and walls, we replaced the old sink vanity with updated fixtures, cabinets and a countertop. The countertop has a marbled look that matches the floor and wall tiles. The cabinets remain a neutral white color to maintain some of the brightness of the original look.

The new cabinets underneath the sink give the homeowners better storage solutions with a swinging door on the left with drawers to the right. The previous cabinets had one larger space without much organization and two swinging doors. Storage was another aspect we designed into the new look of the room.

Better Storage

The old room had a shelf above the toilet as an extension of the sink. This made the room look confined and cluttered. We simply removed this thanks to the added options of the drawers under the sink.

We replaced the old corner shelves in the shower with a recessed spot for easier access to soap, shampoo and other necessities while showering. The recessed storage spot is deeper than the narrow corner shelves we took out of the old design. This makes the shower safer so no one is reaching far into one corner for stuff while the water runs.

Water Hardware

The sink hardware is easier to use and provides better temperature control for hand washing, shaving and tooth brushing. The shower hardware includes a larger shower head and a place to hang a mirror or accessory just above the water controls.The shower head sits on an assembly that could also serve as a handrail to hold onto during a shower.

Other Improvements

We replaced the shower doors with more ergonomic ones that have easy-to-grab handles. The handles also double as a handy place to hang washcloths and towels. One handle faces outward towards the rest of the bathroom, while the other faces inwards.

How RWC Can Help You

Much like this bathroom remodel in Montvale, New Jersey, we at RWC can take you through the entire remodel process from start to finish. We take a look at what you have in place and help suggest improvements to go along with the look you want to achieve. No matter how big or small your project is, we are there every step of the way to show you exactly what we’ll do, why we do it and what the final product should look like when we finish. We’re up front about costs and budgets, and we promise to deliver a project that exceeds your expectations.

Contact us today to start talking and dreaming about your new room. Then leave the hard parts to us.

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