DIY Fails That Can Lead to Costly Damage

By April 4, 2016Home Care

All over the internet, DIY, or Do It Yourself, projects are all the rage. People research on Pinterest or watch YouTube videos, and they are amazed at what they can create themselves without having to hire outside help. While some creations are superb, others run into some trouble. These less successful attempts have led to another fun category to search on the internet when you’re bored at work – DIY fails. Some may try to recreate that soufflé they saw on Tasty, but it turns into a pudding mess. Others may think it’s ingenious to replace their broken headlights with a flashlight, but it’s a quick way to a ticket or an accident.

While a soggy soufflé is just a ruined desert, other DIY projects can have more consequences. You may be telling yourself, “I should have just hired a professional.” There are instances when you need to put down the power tools and admit that you need help. Take a look at some of these examples we have dug up for you.

1. Useless Drawers

Good Housekeeping

It looks like someone forgot to measure twice. We guess those drawers are just for decor purposes now. If you want to renovate your kitchen, and you want drawers that you can use, try contacting RWC – where they renovate windows, doors and more. When you plan to renovate your kitchen, you aim to make it more aesthetically pleasing and more functional, not dysfunctional. Someone spent money to make this mistake and now they’re going to be spending even more money repairing it. Do yourself a solid and call the professionals. Get it right the first time.

 2. DIY Falls

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That looks like a fantastic idea, right? Aside from walking away with a bad repair or renovation, people can get seriously injured when they try to do their renovations on their own. Just in this one example, a man is risking falling to his demise, ruining the home’s electricity and possibly electrocuting himself. That bonus you earned at work was earmarked for the cost of improving your home, not for paying thousands of dollars in medical bills. We hope a strong breeze doesn’t blow in. People say walking under ladders is bad luck…

3. When one door closes, it disappears

Good Housekeeping

It looks like a bad twilight zone episode. We hope the people in that home aren’t trapped. We aren’t exactly sure what the intention was for this design, but an entryway without an entrance just doesn’t make sense. If you want to install a new beautiful entrance for yourself, and you don’t want to end up like this person, take a look at RWC’s portfolio. A door is the first thing someone sees when they come to your home. Make a good impression – unless you’re a complete recluse. If that is the case, this house without the door is way more your style.

4. I can’t handle this

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This person must have felt pretty silly. We’re not sure how they didn’t realize their mistake before they were done installing the door knob. We hope whoever uses the bathroom at this house knows that they have an open door policy. Fortunately, this one is an easier fix than other fails on this list.

5. Toilet humor

Good Housekeeping

It looks like someone did not measure correctly for this one. It would appear that it was too late to go back, so this DIY-er had to be a bit of a MacGyver. Everyone likes a little peephole into the bathroom, right? Fixing this mishap would require replacing the door so it opens the opposite way and won’t run into the toilet. Perhaps you could rearrange the toilet’s positioning, but moving around waste lines doesn’t sound like the simplest solution to us.

6. The roof, the roof, the roof is the floor

Good Housekeeping

Anyone could make that mistake, right? Now their kitchen floor has asphalt shingles. It’s a mix-up a professional contractor would not make (at least not ours). Aside from what you may think, floors and roofs are not interchangeable parts. We don’t live in Legoland. It’s fun to be creative and use your imagination, but you want to make sure your home is built correctly with the right parts in the right places. Not only is it odd looking, but it also will not work properly as a roof. That roof is going to cost time and money to be repaired.

7. Tree Standing

Good Housekeeping

You may be able to park your car in that garage if you are a stunt driver. Perhaps you own one of those tiny Smart cars, or you drive a motorcycle. If you drive anything else, your car is not getting in there. We’re all for nature, but maybe this build required a little more consideration of placement. Well, now they have their very own storage unit or place for the band to practice without some pesky car getting in the way.

Please remember that it’s ok to ask for help. That’s why we call professionals professionals. They know what they’re doing. The people on this list clearly did not. For your home renovation needs or repairs, reach out to RWC. With 54 years in the home improvement business, they are unparalleled. They will work with you to pick out the products that best fit you and your budget. Please visit their site to see all the services they provide.

RWC has been relieving home improvement stress since 1959. Call us today or visit us on the web for your free consultation!

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