How to Pick A Front Door Color & What it Says About You

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How to Pick A Front Door Color

What Does Your Front Door Say About You

Ever wonder what your front door color reveals about you? Take our quiz!

Many homeowners may not realize that picking a front door color might actually say a lot about the family that lives within.

If you are considering putting your home on the market soon, before you replace your exterior doors, you may want to see what the experts feel are the best front door colors of 2020. Front door colors in feng shui are all about the energy of the home and the harmony of its occupants; the color you choose may have an impact on the feeling within your home. No matter what school of thought you subscribe to, we’ll explore what your front door color says about you.

How to Pick A Front Door Color

How to Pick a Front Door Color Using Psychology

What the color of your front door says about you is based in color psychology that has proven certain primary colors are associated with certain emotions and even certain personalities. Homeowner beware, no amount of color psychology can overcome a bad design choice.  Here are some correlations between choosing a front door color and the emotions they evoke:

  • Install a red door when you want to convey your family’s personality as active and vibrant. Careful though — red can also be associated with over-zealous power. Consider opting for more muted color, like a burgundy or maroon color door.
  • White doors are associated with cleanliness and neatness. It is one of the most common door colors, and it usually has a positive connotation. Too white and your house can look sterile — don’t be afraid to accent.
  • A black door is stately and formal. Consider the black door mounted at 10 Downing Street, the home of England’s Prime Minister, as it presents a serious and traditional note.
  • Green doors are very popular and can indicate wealth or prosperity. Also, choosing a green door is used to evoke the harmony and freshness of nature. Try something brighter or off-color from shrubbery, to stand out and contrast with the surroundings.
  • Choose a yellow door to stand out in the neighborhood. If you want your home’s personality to elicit energy, joy, and happiness — a yellow door is a good choice.
  • Calming blue color doors can present a state of trust and welcoming. Even though it is a unique door color, your home will seem more elegant and personal to visitors.
  • A naked, wood door conveys a relaxed look with a bit of rustic appeal. If your family enjoys a simple life, then stained and sealed wooden door can be perfect.

Front Door Colors Feng Shui

Consider your front door as more than just adding curb appeal. There are many ways to incorporate the simple principles of Feng Shui within your home. These include decluttering, improving the air quality, and choosing window replacements that allow as much natural light as possible to filter into the interior.

Front door colors feng shui

But, you can also use the feng shui direction of your home to help select the best front door color combination for your home. This practice considers the home’s orientation. Simply put, picking the best color for your home will depend on which way your home faces. Below, we listed the best feng shui front door colors and what they could indicate about your home:

  • East Facing – earth tones like green and brown
    • Peaceful, reliable, cozy
  • Southern Doors – fire colors of red, yellow, or orange
    • One-of-a-kind, loving, cheerful
  • West Facing – metal elements such as white or gray
    • Clean, accommodating, generous
  • Northern Doors – water elements of black, white, or blue
    • Trustworthy, safe, organized


  • Consider your front door as more than just adding curb appeal, but also insight into your family’s personality when picking a front door color.
  • Front door colors that use feng shui can change the energy of the home and the harmony of its occupants.
  • A blue front door is calming, while a red door is energetic. Be careful with bright colors that can make a home look boorish.

What Is The Best Color For a Front Door?

In the end, the best color for your front door is the color that makes sense in your neighborhood. A door color that is too neutral can make the home seem bland and lackluster. In the same way, a home with a brightly colored door may come off as being deliberately pretentious. Visit the RWC showroom to view a wide selection of door options and learn more about door installation services near you.

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