What Can We Learn From Tiny House Designs

By July 3, 2019Design Tips
Tiny house designs and floor plans, Small house design ideas, Tiny house decorating ideas, Tiny house designs for families, Tiny home solutions

Traditionally, Americans have associated large homes or mansions with wealth and luxury. However, the modern trend of tiny house designs and floor plans has proven itself a worthwhile concept which deserves consideration. Small house design ideas have proven themselves a viable alternative to traditional homes, especially for the eco-friendly homeowner who desires a quality built home which serves their daily needs and suits a modest budget.

Tiny house designs and floor plans, Small house design ideas, Tiny house decorating ideas, Tiny house designs for families, Tiny home solutionsDetermining What Has Value and Is Important

The idea of tiny home solutions comes into play when someone really considers what they need to live comfortably, and what space in a house might be excessive. The money spent for the extra square footage of guest bedrooms isn’t really needed unless a person routinely entertains overnight guests, but even then, there are other ways to provide sleeping spaces without specific rooms dedicated only for guests. Of course every home requires a kitchen, but it doesn’t have to have storage room for every ridiculous cooking gadget sold on tv. Cooking can become quite simple once the homeowner realizes how little space is actually needed to prepare food. Minimalism is the basis of small home living and tiny house designs.

Efficient Use of Space

The real concept behind tiny home design is how to efficiently use space and how to make every area perform multiple tasks. There doesn’t have to be a living room and a separate office, as office furniture can easily double for regular living when someone has finished working for the day. A fold-up bed can allow for a bedroom to actually just be the size of the bed — which is all the space needed when sleeping. And when the bed is removed, the room can have other purposes. Alternately, a sofa or cot can even be used for sleeping in the “living room”.

Eco-Friendly Footprint

A large consideration by many people who choose to live in smaller homes is that of being environmentally friendly.  The basis of an eco-friendly lifestyle is simplistic in nature. Not only does the smaller home use fewer materials to build, it takes less energy to heat and cool, less energy to light, less power to heat smaller batches of water, and often has a smaller stove and refrigerator which are likely to incorporate energy efficient designs. Tiny house decorating ideas include simply having less artwork, decor and junk, as there is only room for what is absolutely necessary. 

Incorporating Tiny Home Solutions with Traditional Design

Tiny house designs for families can be a bit more difficult than preparing a small home for a single person or young couple, but can definitely be accomplished. The key is to determine what spaces are really important for everyone to be comfortable. Children can typically share bedrooms, but that may change around teenage years. A larger family might think they need a living room and a den, but perhaps not if the kitchen can also serve as space for regular activities. The key here is having items or spaces that are multi-functional, that can benefit many every member of the household.

Tiny house designs and floor plans, Small house design ideas, Tiny house decorating ideas, Tiny house designs for families, Tiny home solutions

Takeaway Points

A tiny house may not be for everyone, but the ideas can be applied to any home.

  • Determine what is important, valuable and functional – and get rid of the rest!
  • Utilize eco-friendly designs and multi-functional objects
  • Understand a tiny home isn’t for everyone, but aspects of the concept can be made suitable.
  • Condense and combine furniture and other large objects if possible.


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